Welcome to Puerta al Mundo Maya!

What is Puerta al Mundo Maya?

It´s a new combination of unique ecotourism products located in Northern Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, near Cobán. Puerrta al Mundo Maya destinations are conveniently accessible from mayor tourism spots such as Flores, Petén; Cobán, Alta Verapaz, and Guatemala City. The main trait of these destinations is that they are managed by local communities with high quality standards and contributing to the preservation of the natural and cultural treasures in each location. All destinations offer tourist reception areas with visitor centers, parking spaces, guiding services, clean bathrooms and showers, food services (reserve in advance) and many other high quality tourism services.

By visiting Puerta al Mundo Maya, tourists help preserve invaluable natural and cultural resources while improving the living conditions of local communities.


Puerta al Mundo Maya

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