Other Destinations

Lachuá Lagoon National Park: This lagoon, known for its turquoise colored water; offers several activities for visitors such as camping, birdwatching and trekking.

Las Conchas Recreational Municipal Park: Enjoy a dip in some of the most beautiful natural pools and cascades in the region at Las Conchas Municipal Park.

Río Sachichá Ecological Park: Is a destination where visitors can interact with nature, while enjoying the different services offered: Pools, playground, tubing, trekking, restaurant and more.

Petén: Petén offers visits to the most amazing archaeological sites in the northern region of the country. You can travel to Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, Ceibal and El Mirador. There is also a wide variety of hotels and restaurants in the area. In Petén, you can also participate in various activities such as: Canopy, birdwatching, boat tours around Lake Petén Itzá, guided visits, and more.


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Hun Nal Ye Ecological Park: Offers a great variety of activities, in contact with the amazing beauty of the region. You can choose from tranquil walks through the jungle, to canopy, bike rides, pools, fishing, and more

Cobán and nearby destinations: The beauty of the Imperial City of Cobán, and its surroundings, offers a lot of activities for visitors such as:

Orquid botanic garden


Rey Marcos caves, in San Juan Chamelco

Semuc Champey natural pools

Quetzal´s Protected Biotope