Sepalau Lagoons

Located only eight kilometers from the town of Chisec, the Sepalau Lagoons are four impressive karstic* lagoons of crystalline turquoise waters surrounded by lush tropical landscape and amazing limestone formations. They are of easy access and there you can swim, ride a canoe, or simply enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the rainforest and its surroundings.

* Karstic landscape is developed in limestone formations including caves, turquoise waters and intermittent rivers, among others.


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These lagoons, formed over a limestone bed, constitute a geological curiosity and their color and depth characteristics vary during the year. Local communities use the first lagoon as a water source so swimming is not allowed. The more adventurous tourists, however, may enjoy a canoe ride in its beautiful waters. Right beside it is the second lagoon in which you can swim and enjoy a refreshing experience in the typical heat of Chisec. To reach the third and fourth lagoons you have to walk a bit through different nature trails. You can also swim in these lagoons.


All of the tourism activities in Sepalau are managed by the local “Association for Integral Development of Sepalau” and all proceeds go toward community projects. Services include:

  • Guided interpretative tour in nature trails
  • Camping area and tent rental
  • Food service and eating area
  • Restrooms with showers
  • Parking lot

How to get there:

The lagoons are located in the Sepalau Cataltzul community, eight kilometers from Chisec, by an unpaved road. From the main highway you have to turn on the street that runs in front of Chisec's Municipality and then drive straight until you reach the community. There you must pay the entrance fee and you can choose either a walking tour of 40 minutes (medium to high effort) to the lagoons or you can drive two kilometers to the site's parking lot.

Suggested equipment:

  • Comfortable light clothes
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Water shoes (optional)
  • Sun screen
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun glasses

The lagoons' brilliant turquoise color and breathtaking backdrop, as well as the unique opportunity to be a recipient of the famous Q'eqchi' hospitality, make it a must-see destination.


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